Have Sex | Make Love

When a man and a woman stand before each other, men take notice. This man, in particular:

“I see love in her eyes, but does she see lust in mine?
Can she tell if I undress her with my eyes?
Will the lady across from me at Table 35
two hours ago remind me of the woman I brought back from the karaoke bar in 2009?
I want to get in her because I want to fulfill the most empty places
There is no reason any part of her needs to be vacant
at the end of this night.”

And this woman:

“I see love in his eyes, does he know there’s lust in my mind?
Will he get deep enough tonight to get from there to my mind
My heart won’t fight because an empty space won’t put up a challenge
I want to drive my nails into his back and run my hands through his hair
He wants me in his head but I want the head not so far up there.”

About insensitivitea

I'm Desirae. I'm 18, and I like ideas.
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