If you don’t love her, don’t pretend to


Stop telling her you love her back when you don’t. Stop initiating feelings with that statement.
When you don’t reply to her, don’t say it was a mistake — tell her you didn’t want to talk to her, 
tell her that’s shes boring, that she sucks; tell her that you don’t like her. 

Stop using her as a safety net. Don’t play to keep her attached so that you can reap the benefits of her presence. 
Stop making a home out of a person. Stop staying in a warm place and leaving as you please
just because you’re sure it’ll be there tomorrow, because one day, a little butane might leave or you might forget to blow out a candle

Tell me, where is your home now?

Stop dropping by — why are you hanging around her house? Don’t stand outside your car and tell her to come out.
Don’t knock on her door or her window and expect her to give up her time and comfort to accompany you. 
Stop talking to her parents. Stop talking to her family. Stop talking about her to teachers who love her and people who miss her. 
Stop telling people what the two of you have is ineffable. What makes it ineffable?
It’s not that you can’t express your love; it’s the fact that you won’t. 

Stop sending her songs that remind you of her. Stop writing her notes filled with words that mean everything when you mean nothing. 
Stop telling her that it’ll be okay. Stop telling her you love her when’s she’s sad. 
Stop asking her if she’s hungry. Stop telling her about the things you are passionate about. 
She has a soft spot for people who can vividly remember their childhood stories: stop taking advantage of the fact. 
Stop going over when you are sick, when she is sick.
Stop taking care of her. Make her suffer. Let her die.

Stop telling her not to hurt herself when she tells you that she wants to.
Tell her she should; tell her she’s worthless, and when she replies, don’t reply again. Leave her hanging. 
Leave her hanging; let her hang… herself. 

Admit it, she was your safety net. She is who you fall into when you take risks — do you want to jump out of planes? jump off of skyscrapers? go bungee jumping? fall into love? All of that’s a little less scary when your safety net is at the bottom. 

Stop making her feel untrue love. Stop telling her marvelous things. 
When you talk to her, subtly tell her that she’s fat, “You’ve been eating a little more than usual, huh?”
When you talk to her, subtly tell her that she’s ugly, “No make-up today, huh?” even if you see her face is caked. 
When you talk to her, directly tell her that you don’t love her by staying silent when she tells you that she loves you. 

Stop hanging around. Stop studying with her. Stop telling her about books you think she might like, 
stop telling her about articles you think she’ll enjoy; stop telling her about music you think she should listen to. 
Stop telling her about movies that’ll make her cry, and stop telling her about TV shows you think she should watch. 
Stop coming over and looking at things that interest you and sharing them with her.
Stop exposing so much of yourself to her; the more exposure, the more she’ll fall. 

It’s awfully selfish of you to make somebody feel love from you when it isn’t true.

- “The Worst Thing You Can Do to Someone Who Has Been Abused”

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Have Sex | Make Love

When a man and a woman stand before each other, men take notice. This man, in particular:

“I see love in her eyes, but does she see lust in mine?
Can she tell if I undress her with my eyes?
Will the lady across from me at Table 35
two hours ago remind me of the woman I brought back from the karaoke bar in 2009?
I want to get in her because I want to fulfill the most empty places
There is no reason any part of her needs to be vacant
at the end of this night.”

And this woman:

“I see love in his eyes, does he know there’s lust in my mind?
Will he get deep enough tonight to get from there to my mind
My heart won’t fight because an empty space won’t put up a challenge
I want to drive my nails into his back and run my hands through his hair
He wants me in his head but I want the head that isn’t up there.”

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Easy Words

A man can look at two ladies: a pretty lady and a lady whom he just isn’t sure is a lady 

A pretty lady with cute, feminine clothing and a tiny waist and a lady who looks like a tree 

The latter is intelligent and a person of remarkable character and the first is tactless and not so knowledgeable 

and a man can still tell you that he is in love with the first woman for who she is inside

Ask him and he’ll say the first 

and then the latter can invest 20 hours a day in the gym and $200 of her paycheck in make-up and physical maintenance 

and then you can put the ladies side by side and ask a man to tell you, in all honesty, who he wants to spend the rest of his life with

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As a lady, I’ve spent years studying the rather extensive amount of rights that were once only granted to men and gradually allowed to women.

Gaining knowledge on the subject of independence, I’ve come to the conclusion that I will not let the hard work of our female ancestors go to waste by continuing to let a man dominate my decisions and life in general.

It is a woman’s choice — rather a woman decides to let a man lead her life or take the world by storm on her own. I deeply admire the women who have chosen lives of independent, and an admiration of greater strength for women who are able to marry and still take control of their own lives.

Feminism is a very admirable characteristic in my female role models, and I feel as if feminists are very substantial individuals, given they are not overbearing or rude.

Any women can stand up and say, “I am a feminist,” but my utmost admiration goes to women who have proved themselves through independence, those women who genuinely love a man, but do not depend on him for their needs. I find that a very admirable quality in female role models.

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Your Favor > Who’s In Favor

027As humans, our most outstanding flaw will always be our tendency to personally consider the thoughts and opinions of the people around us. It’s a natural instinct, but it certainly isn’t the healthiest. We allow people to tell us their thoughts on our choices: what we wear, what we eat, how we fix our hair. We consider their opinions and then think less of ourselves. We think we aren’t normal. We think we carry these flaws that everyone can see, and soon enough, we become reluctant to face the world. We lose confidence. We lose faith. Above all, we lose out on opportunities and life experiences that could have had an impact on us, and why do we miss out on these?

Is it because your sibling told you that you’re fat? Is it because some lady on the street told you that your clothes were ugly? Is it because all of the people who don’t even know that what they’re saying is having an effect on you told you so?

What are you going to do? Jump? Cut? You’re going to do those things because of out seven billion, a few inconsiderate, rude people said things that made you feel worthless? Is that worth it? Would giving them the satisfaction of feelings like they were important enough to make someone take their life be worth it?

Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes, people say valuable things, but if those people were of any value, they’d have enough tact to say it in a way that won’t hurt you. They wouldn’t say anything unnecessary. If the people around you love you, they won’t say anything, as long as you aren’t hurting or bothering anyone else and you’re respecting yourself, why should anything else matter?

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“Stop being so sensitive”

Let’s be real for a second.

We’ve all cried. We’ve all taken what someone said personally. We’ve all thought we meant more to a certain person than we actually did. That’s a universal truth.

We’ve spent hours sitting on the floor of the shower being sad or angry or refusing to open ourselves up to anyone else in the fear of getting hurt. Have we ever wanted to take our life? SURE!

Why do we have these feelings?

Because we’re human. We come with feelings. Feelings make us sensitive.

Fortunately for some of us, there are easy ways to ignore these feelings with a little bit of practice. Over the course of my blogging here on WordPress, I’ll share some tips on how not and why not to be overly sensitive.

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